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Despite the recent world crisis, the building industry is still very active in some world areas.

Due to our world wide network of customers, we have got many orders in the last times to supply bagging machines for new plants producing dry mortar and building chemicals.

Many well known international customers, as SIKA, BASF, PAREX or WEBER-SAINT GOBAIN, have ordered us new machines for their projects in Middle East, South Asia and Latinamerica. New regional manufacturers as KARBETON in Turkey or BCIC in Saudi Arabia are also expanding to produce building materials, and we have also got important bagging machinery orders from them.

Finally, PAYPER is regularly supplying bagging machines to the most relevant international companies that built turn – key dry mortar plants, as M-TEC from Germany or LAHTI from Finland.

All these companies have ordered our air packer model PFG10, one of the world references to bag bulk dry powders in paper bags. The PFG10 offers a perfect combination of weight accuracy and output capacity. Combining several PFG10 air packers in line, we get easily more than 2000 bags/hour of 25 kg filled with dry mortar.


PAYPER has been chosen to provide baggin solutions for corrosive products using FFS technology, positioning itself as a leading supplier of this type of machine for aggressive products. We would like to highlight four specific projects for their characteristics , but with one common denominator: The demand for results.

The prequirements of recent years upon FFS applications have lead to new solutions for projects with high degree of difficulty, because of both characteristics of bagging products environmental conditions of the facilities.

ASSAC L10 bagging machine is available in different  versions for difficult corrosive, hygroscopic and sticky, had solved problems found in different production plants as ADUBOS DEIBA (Manufacturer of fertilizers in Portugal) where the variety of particle sizes required a versatile machine and, in turn, fully conceived to withstand the extreme aggressiveness of bagged product. TALLERES JOSE MIGUEL (Spain), specialized in salt treatment plants, installed within the macro project KROFOTIN NOVOSEL (Albania) a FFS station that not only bag sea salt but by its very location is located in the same saline. Thanks to the solution Assac L10, having the possibility of bagging in the saline itself, that drastically reduces the costs of the plant itself and gives more flexibility. For BRITSH SALT (UK), the largest salt producer in the UK, the modernization of the productive line, required to install a production tool that would allow work to endure the conditions of the salt, giving flexibility in the size of bags and ensure total reliability in order to work within a just-in time management. And recently, NITROFERT LIMITED (Ireland), another FFS bagging machine for fertilizer.

The reliability and flexibility of the ASSAC concept have been key elements.

These four installations are a clear example that the PAYPER’s FFS technology goes beyond a simple bagging machine as a tool fully integrated into modern production lines. 

INTERPACK 2011.  Hall 14, stand B31
PAYPER is presenting itself as a global bagging solution provider at INTERPACK exhibition at its stand B31 in Hall 14 from May 12-18, 2011.

There, we will not only demonstrate some of our latest developments in bagging but also a lot more items for people interested in improving their bagging facilities.
One of the highlights at the fair will be the combined high capacity - extreme resistant design FFS bagging machine F10 for corrosive and abrasive products. Combining a proven FFS solution and newly improved designs for high capacity, this 2000 bags per hour average speed model is the very latest in new generation high performance machine, lowering both operation and maintenance costs and also providing state-of-the-art user friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI) . The special SS execution makes this model highly resistant and totally prepared for the most difficult products ever packed.

The PFG10 valve packer model is an important product for PAYPER, and the latest development for improving capacity and accuracy will be demonstrated to our visitors. Not only solutions for building materials specifically designed for the new markets in the Middle East, but also the latest improvements for the food industry with sealing valve solutions, as well as, hygienic design for avoiding cross contamination, make the PFG10 valve packer a complete solution for valve bags installation worldwide.

SSB Wägetechnik, our German representative, as always join us for a special focus on our German customers, will open its complete new factory based in Buchholz (Westerwald) this year, with a 1500 sq. m workshop plus 500 sq. m office in order to improve its service and continual growth.

Our subsidiary, TEPSA (PAYPER America), a Mexico based company, will also be there to receive all the visitors coming from North and South America, introducing the new US network and specific solutions for the American market.

Thanks to its wide range of bagging solutions and experience, PAYPER has not only become a reliable supplier for every industry’s bagging needs, but has also developed a strong strategic alliance network with complementary first leading brand manufacturers which makes PAYPER the perfect single contact for customers’ needs in handling, weighing, bagging and palletizing.
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