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Après le succès rencontré sur notre stand lors du salon INTERPACK 2017 qui à eu lieu en Mai dernier à Düsseldorf, notre société, leader en solutions d'ensachages et de palettisations, se prépare pour les prochains événements à venir de par le monde.

Alors venez nous rendre visite sur ces salons et vous nous permettrez de vous proposer des solutions personnalisées pour vos futurs projets.

Nous serons présents sur les salons suivants :

1)ENVASE-Buenos Aires, Argentina  08-11/08/2017 STAND 138

2)PPMA-Birmingham,UK 26-28/09/2017 STAND A64

3)SOLIDS-Rotterdam,Netherlands 04-05/10/2017 STAND A116

4)ARGUS FMB EUROPE FERTILIZER-Barcelona,Spain 18-20/10/2017 STAND N10

5)KHIMIYA-Moscow,Russia 23-26/10/2017 HALL 3 STAND 21A10

6)AMBALAJ-Istanbul,Turkey 25-27/10/2017 STAND 1227A

7)VRAC TECH-Le Mans,France 28-30/11/2017 HALL D STAND A27



IG PROCESS qui vient de rejoindre le réseau commercial de PAYPER S.A. est une entreprise qui apporte ses services et son expérience dans l'industrie Française.
Cette nouvelle arrivée renforce consedérablement la présence commerciale de PAYPER et donne un bon coup de pouce et le soutien nécessaire à notre équipe de PAYPER France.













Cartagena, Colombie
Janvier 27 – 29, 2016 
Stand 24

Deauville, France
Mars 23, 2016
Stand 25

Nuremberg, Allemagne
Avril 19-21 2016  
Hall 1 Stand 619

♦ YAPI :
Istanbul, Turquie
Mai 10-14 2016  
Hall 11A Stand 441

Mexico City, Mexique
Mai 17-20 2016  
Stand 2500

♦ PPMA :
Birmingham, Angleterre
Septembre 27-29 2016  
Stand H70

Le Mans, France
Octobre 04-06 2016  
Stand TBC

Mumbai, India
Octubre 13-15 2016
Hall 5 Stand B21

Antwerp, Belgique
Octobre19-20 2016
Stand D4320

♦  FIGAP :
Guadalajara, Mexique
Octobre 19-21 2016  
Stand 324

Istanbul, Turquie
Novembre 02-05 2016  
Hall 2 Stand 226A

Novembre 14-17 2016  
Hall 6 Stand TBC

Mumbai, Inde
Décembre 15-17 2016  
Stand TBC

Notre entreprise étant l’un des leaders du marché du PESAGE ET ENSACHAGE, elle participera du 17 au 20 de Novembre au salon de l´EMBALLAGE, à Paris Nord Villepinte.

A cette occasion, nous vous invitons à visiter notre stand consacré au Hall 5, stand L-096, où nous serons heureux de vous informer des dernières nouveautés de notre gamme ensachage et palettisation, particulièrement ce que concerne à :

 Ensachage gueule ouverte
 Ensachage et fermeture sac à valve
 Ensachage à partir de gaine tubulaire

N´hésitez pas à nous contacter afin que nous puissions vous envoyer votre badge d’accès gratuit.


PAYPER would like to invite you, on Tuesday, April 24th, to the Pet-food bagging machines innovation open door event which will take place at the Congress center “LA LLOTJA” in Lleida, Spain.
A visit on PAYPER’s premises is also included where we could see equipment running.
It will be a pleasure to meet in the same place our worldwide partners and manufacturers to the Pet-food industry.
Más información ensacado pet-food
 If you are interested please don’t hesitate to ask for further information or to confirm your participation.

 Thank you!  We hope to see you soon!



PREMIER PET is the first Brazilian manufacturer of the Premium line of Pet Food. This company has earned recently TWO automatic bagging machines for the different type of bagging that its company uses.

Bagging line from 1 to 5 kg.
With laminated aluminium preformatted bag, with side gussets for bagging speeds from 1350 to 1500 bags/ hour.

Bagging line from 7.5 to 20kg.
With laminated aluminium preformatted bag, with side gussets for bagging speeds from 1350 to 1500 bags/hour.

The Payper weighing Systems gets high performance with high accuracy. But the most important quality is the easy cleaning at each change of product that the Pet Food Premier line requires.

Both bagging lines have the modern bag placer CSA 100 Series, with the all handling , forming and sealing bags system, in different stations.

Premier Pet has chosen Payper as its supplier for this 2 lines of automatic bagging machines with high performance to solve its needs of capacity and do it automatically.

  • Easy changeover without tools by choosing the program in the control computer screen.
  • Label the bags with a heat transfer system, located automatically depending on bag’s size.
  • Allow the extraction of the residual air for the bags to get better quality of palletizing.
  • Keep the Bellows clamped during the bagging process in order to get a perfect bag form.
  • To perform a partial vacuum in the bags of small format, with a nitrogen injection system to lengthen the shelf life of the product. 
  • Have an integrated sealing system, able to seal securely and clean various materials like PE sheet with aluminium.
  • One compact, modular equipment, allows an easy access to all parts to a correct diagnosis and future maintenance.

With this new reference in Brazil Payper strengthens its presence in this important market and strengthens too our position giving meaning at our vision of implantation into one of the most important markets in the world.

PAYPER will present important advances in equipment for bagging chemical products at EXPOQUIMIA 2011, products which require highly flexible equipment that meet the technical requirements for the sector as well as high yields and reliability. The following developments are noteworthy:
  • FFS ASSAC bagging machines for 2,200 bags/hour prepared to work with highly corrosive and/or special products or environments.
  • CSA bagging machines for open mouth bags for 1,600 bags/hour, with many more features compared to its predecessors, and major improvements in terms of less maintenance, easy setup and installation in the plant, where the variety of formats and the type of material of the bags require very flexible machines.
  • Additionally, at our stand A161 you can see a fluidification bagging machine for PFG-10 VALVE BAGS WITH BAG VALVE CLOSURE SYSTEM BY MEANS OF ULTRASOUND. It has a new feature where you can incorporate a cabin that insulates the equipment from the rest of the plant in case of products that are especially polluting.
In recent months PAYPER has provided, among other equipment, 20 ASSAC bagging machine lines, 18 CSA and 60 PFG-10 to work with plastics and chemical products, fertilizers, salt, additives, etc.

Backed by its experience in over 3,000 installations for packaging and palletising, Payper offers proven solutions for any type of bag and product. With nearly 40 years of expertise, is undoubtedly a leader in the bagging sector.

PAYPER as a global supplier of bagging machine lines continues its internationalisation process and in addition to the central factory in Lleida (Spain) and its subsidiary in Mexico, TECNOLOGÍA DE ENSACADO PAYPER, operational since 2002, this 2011 we are celebrating the opening of our two new subsidiaries: PAYPER BAGGING SYSTEMS INDIA and PAYPER DO BRASIL, to provide better strategic positioning and greater service, both technical and commercial.
Visit us at EXPOQUIMIA STAND P7, N0, A161 Gran Via, Barcelona.


DF GROUP earns a second FFS PAYPER bagging machine for fertilizers.

After a year since the implementation of the ASSAC L10 bagging machine for the ADUBOS DEIBA installation in Setubal (Portugal) DF GROUP earns a second ASSAC bagging machine, in this case the F10 model for its installation of VÍA LÍQUIDA in Sagunto, Valencia.

This new high capacity bagging machine ASSAC F10 is specially build to work with corrosive products. This machine was exposed in our stand during the Interpack exhibition 2011 in Germany. Some days later it became fully operational in the Puerto de Sagunto installations. The capacity is up to 2.200 bags/hour of 25 kg fertilizers.


Despite the recent world crisis, the building industry is still very active in some world areas.

Due to our world wide network of customers, we have got many orders in the last times to supply bagging machines for new plants producing dry mortar and building chemicals.

Many well known international customers, as SIKA, BASF, PAREX or WEBER-SAINT GOBAIN, have ordered us new machines for their projects in Middle East, South Asia and Latinamerica. New regional manufacturers as KARBETON in Turkey or BCIC in Saudi Arabia are also expanding to produce building materials, and we have also got important bagging machinery orders from them.

Finally, PAYPER is regularly supplying bagging machines to the most relevant international companies that built turn – key dry mortar plants, as M-TEC from Germany or LAHTI from Finland.

All these companies have ordered our air packer model PFG10, one of the world references to bag bulk dry powders in paper bags. The PFG10 offers a perfect combination of weight accuracy and output capacity. Combining several PFG10 air packers in line, we get easily more than 2000 bags/hour of 25 kg filled with dry mortar.


PAYPER has been chosen to solve specific problems for corrosive products using FFS technology, positioning itself as a leading supplier of tubular winding machines for aggressive products. We would like to highlight four specific projects for their characteristics and distinct issues, but with one common denominator: The demand for results.

The pressure given in recent years upon FFS applications has allowed new solutions for projects with some degree of difficulty, both by the characteristics of bagging products as environmental conditions of the facilities.

ASSAC L10 bagging machine in its version for "difficult" product like corrosive, hygroscopic and sticky, had solved problems found in different production plants as ADUBOS DEIBA (Manufacturer of fertilizers in Portugal) where the variety of particle sizes required a versatile machine and, in turn, fully conceived to withstand the extreme aggressiveness of bagged product. TALLERES JOSE MIGUEL (Spain), specialized in salt treatment plants, installed within the macro project KROFOTIN NOVOSEL (Albania) a FFS station that not only bag sea salt but by its very location is located in the same saline. Thanks to the solution Assac L10, having the possibility of bagging in the saline itself, that drastically reduces the costs of the plant itself and gives more flexibility. For BRITSH SALT (UK), the largest salt producer in the UK, the modernization of the productive line, required to install a production tool that would allow work to endure the conditions of the salt, giving flexibility in the size of bags and ensure total reliability in order to work within a just-in time management. And recently, NITROFERT LIMITED (Ireland), another FFS bagging machine for fertilizer.

The reliability and flexibility of the ASSAC concept have been key elements.

These four installations are a clear example that the PAYPER’s FFS technology goes beyond a simple bagging machine as a tool fully integrated into modern production lines. 

INTERPACK 2011.  Hall 14, stand B31
PAYPER is presenting itself as a global bagging solution provider at INTERPACK exhibition at its stand B31 in Hall 14 from May 12-18, 2011.

There, we will not only demonstrate some of our latest developments in bagging but also a lot more items for people interested in improving their bagging facilities.
One of the highlights at the fair will be the combined high capacity - extreme resistant design FFS bagging machine F10 for corrosive and abrasive products. Combining a proven FFS solution and newly improved designs for high capacity, this 2000 bags per hour average speed model is the very latest in new generation high performance machine, lowering both operation and maintenance costs and also providing state-of-the-art user friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI) . The special SS execution makes this model highly resistant and totally prepared for the most difficult products ever packed.
The PFG10 valve packer model is an important product for PAYPER, and the latest development for improving capacity and accuracy will be demoustrated to our visitors. Not only solutions for building materials specifically designed for the new markets in the Middle East, but also the latest improvements for the food industry with sealing valve solutions, as well as, hygienic design for avoiding cross contamination, make the PFG10 valve packer a complete solution for valve bags installation worldwide.

SSB Wägetechnik, our German representative, as always join us for a special focus on our German customers, will open its complete new factory based in Buchholz (Westerwald) this year, with a 1500 sq. m workshop plus 500 sq. m office in order to improve its service and continual growth.

Our subsidiary, TEPSA (PAYPER America), a Mexico based company, will also be there to receive all the visitors coming from North and South America, introducing the new US network and specific solutions for the American market.

Thanks to its wide range of bagging solutions and experience, PAYPER has not only become a reliable supplier for every industry’s bagging needs, but has also developed a strong strategic alliance network with complementary first leading brand manufacturers which makes PAYPER the perfect single contact for customers’ needs in handling, weighing, bagging and palletizing.
PAYPER is present in the Latin-American market since 1994. During that time we have installed hundreds of BAGGING AND PALLETIZING MACHINES in almost all countries, specially in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chili, Colombia, …and also some machines in the USA market.
Since 2002 we have our own office based in Queretaro, Mexico, called TEPSA – TECNOLOGIA DEL ENSACADO PAYPER, were we have developed a team of sales and technical service people that today can give full technical assistance to all our machines and follow all our projects in the region.
In 2010, considering our presence in Latin America is already very strong, we guess we are the most relevant supplier of automatic bagging machines in all that area, we have decide to focus our sales activity to the USA. So that, we have presented ourselves in PACK EXPO 2010 in Chicago, the most important exhibition and meeting point for packaging industries in the USA, but also having strong influence in Canada and Latin American countries.
We have shown in the exhibition our model CSA105, high speed automatic bag placer for open mouth bags that can reach up to 1600 bph in 25 kg with free flowing grains, together with our model PN-90CGSMCB+, high speed net scale that can reach up to 2200 bph in 25 kg with free flowing grains.
Both models were in service during the exhibition and got many visitors that were very interested to see and to comment about its performance and its possible applications on their industries. More than 100 visitors from all countries above mentioned, specially from the USA, shown their interest on our machines and on PAYPER company. So that, we conclude our first assistance to PACKEXPO as exhibitors has been very successful.
Now is time to work on all the projects arose and expand our name and machines in the USA, were we see a promising market. We have agreed with the company BULK PROCESS EQUIPMENT Inc from Baltimore, MD 21231, to cooperate with PAYPER to develop our sales activities in the USA.

At Payper, we know that each company has different needs and requires personalized solutions. Therefore, we believe we need to be close to our clients to be able to give our best as a global supplier of bagging lines.

For PAYPER, 2010 has been a year of considerable worldwide fair activity. We had sales stands at many competitions and we participated as listeners and speakers at seminars and conferences around the world. At these events, we were able to show our new products, exchange experiences as well as knowledge and gather the new needs and specificities of our customers and partners from different countries.

Among these events, the following are highlighted:

BULK & SOLIDS, India | EMBALLAGE, France | EMPACK, Belgium | FIGAP, Mexico | PACK EXPO, USA | POWTECH, Germany | SYSKEVASIA, Greece | TAROPAK, Poland | TUYAP PACKAGING, Turkey | VICTAM, Thailand

Participation in national and international fairs is a key part of promoting ourselves. At these fairs we can contact our clients and commercial collaborators, present new machinery and the latest techniques and, in general, establish relationships with all the agents in the packaging sector.

For PAYPER, it is a pleasure to work together, in a close and open way, with our clients as well as the sector’s companies. We hope we gave you the customer service you deserved in our meeting and if you were not able to visit us, we are at your disposal to provide more information.

We are currently preparing our 2011 EVENT AGENDA. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at or call +34 973 21 60 40.

During the last three month of the year, PAYPER will be present in the following international events:

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
October 21 – 23, 2010. 
Stand 318.

Chicago, Illinois, USA.
October 31- November 3, 2010. 
Stand 3875.

Paris Nord Villepinte, France.
November 22 – 25, 2010.  
Hall 5a Stand E001.

We will attend as exhibitor next edition of the TAROPAK International Packaging Technology and Logistics Exhibition 2010 which will be held in POZNAN, Poland from September 13th to 16th.

PAYPER had been attending this exhibition since 2006 because we consider the Polish market one of the most important for our business.

We have installed in Poland the complete range of bagging machinery: net and gross scales, big-bag filling stations, semi-automatic and fully automatic bagging machines for all type of bags (valve, open mouth and FFS). Our customers are mainly at the agro-food business, however we have also large and important references at both the chemical and construction fields.

We must point out that our wide range of weighers (with MID European Directive for weighing equipment), baggers and palletisers can give the best solution to the current industrial requirements


PAYPER, the spanish leading company in bagging technology, will install five automatic bagging lines of the very new generation in Indian petrochemical companies.

After several trade missions in India and the good level of work performed, PAYPER - the well-known Spanish company in bagging technology- will enter soon in the Indian petrochemical market installing 5 of its brand-new automatic bagging lines in the companies HMEL and GAIL.

Some similar automatic bagging lines are already installed in the country but PAYPER stands out from other suppliers bringing major technological improvements. That means a new benchmark concept in the industry increasing machinery benefits and also maintaining competitive prices. Meanwhile, PAYPER is working on other major projects in order to consolidate its presence and after-sales service in India.

The machinery to be installed in both companies is the high production CSA105, compact, lightweight and low power consumption, ideal for bagging all kinds of granulated product (sugar, rice, salt, feed, grain, fertilizers, etc.).. CSA100 concept incorporates the latest advances in bagging technology to ensure maximum capacity and improve lines cost-effectiveness. For example, features include compatibility with PP-woven bags, paper or PE bags both flat and gusseted, without effects on the production. Moreover, empty bags storage is designed for high capacity, then prevents downtime of the machine by providing full productivity.

Payper scope of supply incorporates high precision auxiliary accessories such as specific weight controller MCB + using touch screen as Man Machine Interface (MMI) and with the capacity to weight gram by gram and high-speed net scale PN-90/CGS (up to 2200 bags/hour).

To show its strong commitment to this market PAYPER have been present in BULKSOLIDS INDIA 2010 in March. In this context, Payper offered a conference for professionals titled "Bags, bulk products & bagging systems - A general overview of the worldwide bagging market and technology" 


As usual we have presented our new products at the fair POWTECH in Nuremberg on 27, 28 and May 29, 2010 together with our German agents SSB Waagentechnik. Placing this show as one of the major and strategic events to our presence in central Europe.
In our booth we have shown several innovative solutions in the treatment of chemical specialties and have given advice to our visitors with the latest trends in valve bags or plastic rolls for different applications, thereby providing a more complete vision of current bagging techniques.

Payper have attended VICTAM ASIA 2010 exhibition at the Queen Sirikit Convention Center Bangkok (Thailand) from 3 to 5 March. This is the most important International Exhibition dedicated to technology and production process of the Animal Feed Industry. With a roaming location, VICTAM has been held in several countries such as the Netherlands, Ukraine and next year Germany will host the event.

On this occasion, Payper participated as co-exhibitor at Booth No. 3018 of the Thai company CHAROEN POKPHAN ENGINEERING CO. LTD. belonging to the group CHAROEN POKPHAN GROUP one of the largest conglomerates in Asia with businesses and subsidiaries in the Food Industry, Retail and Telecommunications with more than 250,000 employees worldwide.

During the days of the exhibition a Net weight Weigher PN-20-CG with gravity chute dosing system have been shown. This machine offers the best solution for industrial bagging processes for all kind of granular products. In addition, it has been introduced the electronic weight controller MCB+, specific for bagging scales, with user-friendly touch screen and approved under new European directive MID for weighing instruments.


PAYPER has been one of the speakers at BULKSOLIDS INDIA 2010 International Conference and Exhibition Storage, Handling and Processing of bulk solids and powders, hold in India from 2 to 3 March. In this case, the presentation focussed on "Bags, bagging bulk products & systems - A general overview of the worldwide market and technology bagging”.
PAYPER has entered strongly in the Indian market after securing an important contract in 2008 and 2009  with two petrochemical companies and expects to strengthen its presence in the country in future projects. 

PAYPER, S.A. inaugurates web site with the aim of offer more information, more updated with an easily and pleasant way to our customers and associates.

We are in process of extension of contents. We will be glad to receive suggestions and comments from you to keeping on improving.

Thank you very much.  PAYPER team.

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