Efficient Flour Bagging in Valve Bags

  Published: 19/03/2021
 Categories: News Projects

"The new bagging line produces more than we expected."


Hedwigsburger Okermühle GmbH in Germany is one of the oldest mills still in operation. It dates from 1318 and has had uninterrupted activity since 1820.

Okermühle contacted PAYPER through their German partner, SSB Wägetechnik GmbH, for a new valve bagging machine for wheat flour.

Together we designed their new line, which is a fully automatic installation consisting of an automatic bag presenter and a fluidization bagging machine. The flour is introduced by gravity into a chamber in which a stream of air from the bottom fluidizes the flour. Another flow of air from the top of the chamber conveys the product into the bag.


The fluidization system is the ideal technique for food products as it is very easy to clean, control and maintain. It facilitates a perfect cleaning of the whole bagging equipment in between different productions.


Once the bag is full, the valve is thermo-sealed by two ultrasonic bars. The result is a perfectly airtight bag with good protection against any external contamination. Thermo-sealing further minimizes dust emission.


Okermühle’s new bagging line fills and seals 180 bags per hour with one single filling nozzle. The project is designed to allow for a future expansion that will triple the production.


Birko Boeltzig, Okermühle's Sales and Project Manager, says:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the PAYPER/SSB team for a great job. The system works better than expected (233 bags/h unwelded). Our employees working with the bagging line look very happy and your commissioning engineers did a great job of training.

It was a good decision to work with you”.

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DRACO - New Installations

  Published: 11/02/2021
 Categories: News Projects

In PAYPER, we are proud to be part of DRACO’s brand new installations in Muć.

This Croatian manufacturer of waterproofing products needed a bagging and palletizing solution for polymer-cement for the new factory.

PAYPER designed a custom-made solution and installed the compact ALL-IN-ONE which fills and palletizes the valve-bags in a fully automatic way with the need of only one operator. This installation featured ultrasonic valve sealing to protect the product and to avoid leakages. Just before palletizing, the bags pass through a bag flattener device to assure a stable and safe pallet.

DRACO’s Production Manager, Mr Ljubomir Bonković explains: “With the installation of PAYPER's ALL-IN-ONE solution, DRACO became a technological leader in the production of dry mortar materials in this part of Europe (Central Europe).” He adds: “Although the project was run during the COVID-19 crisis, it was completed on time, fully functional and within the budget. This was only possible to do due to the great commitment of the PAYPER-team.”

Watch DRACO’s video from the new installations.

Thank you for the words of praise and congratulations with the new installations. In PAYPER we can only be happy when our clients are pleased and satisfied with the solution we have provided. Good luck to the DRACO-team.

You can read more about PAYPER’s different solutions in the building sector in our dedicated catalogue here. 

ALL-IN-ONE video

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New IMPULS-design

  Published: 16/12/2020
 Categories: News Product news Projects

It is with great enthusiasm that we present our new IMPULS-design for the future generation of bagging machines and palletizers.
On the outside we have given the machines a facelift: the new, streamlined look underlines the functional and modern technology that constitute the fundament of all our bagging and palletizing solutions. 
On the inside, our designers have given the machines a general overhaul, attending to the details that will make the use, maintenance and after-sales service much easier. 
One of the first bagging machines with the characteristic IMPULS-design is a fully equipped open-mouth automatic bagging solution. It features all PAYPERs solutions for modern, optimal and top-performing bagging of PET FOOD. 
Read the story here 
Watch the video here 


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PAYPER's New Headquarter

  Published: 11/12/2020
 Categories: News

PAYPER’s new Headquarter – now finishing the last details. We look forward to moving into the new premises at the beginning of 2021.

See the full movie here



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Unstable Pallets? We have the Solution!

  Published: 06/11/2020
 Categories: News Product news

Watch the video

PAYPER’s newly developed gripper head, SGR, builds an extremely stable and fine-looking pallet. The result is one of the best pallets made with a robotic palletizer.

The new gripper head with guide plates ensures that each bag is placed with great accuracy onto the pallet. It is even capable of doing layers of 3 or 4 bags.

Our palletizing robot is suited for both single and multi-line palletization and reaches a speed of up to 1.400 bags per hour.

This versatile robot carries out all the different palletizing functions: Picking and placing of bags, empty pallets and slip sheets and interlayer sheets.

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Ready for Khimia in Moscow

  Published: 26/10/2020
 Categories: News Expo



Come visit us at the Khimia Fair in Moscow! PAYPER Russia CIS will be present together with our agent in Russia, SWEMA. You can find us in the Expocentre, booth 21A10 in hall 1 where we look forward to telling you all about our bagging and palletizing news.

And please be confident: Both we and the fair organization have taken all steps to ensure that Khimia 2020 will be a safe and pleasant event for both our visitors and our stand personnel.

Ask us for your Visitor Ticket here



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Visit us at ProPak Asia

  Published: 01/10/2020
 Categories: News Expo Events

From 20 to 23 of October, PAYPER Asia Pacific will be at ProPak Asia in Bangkok.

We have taken all precautions to make it a safe and pleasant event for our guests as well as for our employees. It is with much illusion that we attend this exhibition and hope that many of our business-contacts will come and visit our booth to discuss the newest developments within bagging and palletizing.

If you wish, you can pre-book your visit and ask us for your invitation here.

We look forward to seeing you at ProPak Asia!



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4 tried and tested Precision Dosing and Weighing systems from PAYPER

  Published: 18/09/2020
 Categories: News Product news

When bagging a bulk product, the accuracy of the weighing system is of extreme importance. A wide range of products are of high value and, at the time of bagging, even the smallest deviation from the nominal content may result in significant economic losses.

PAYPER’s R&D department has developed 4 different electronic dosing and weighing systems. They are all manufactured in-house, which means that we fully control the quality and performance of the final dosing and weighing system.

We have a Dosing and Weighing system suitable for bulk-products of any kind: Fine Powder of <120µ, Coarse Powder from 120-500µ and Granules of more than 500µ. Whether the product is free-flowing or non-free-flowing, the process of dosing and weighing is carried out to the highest accuracy without sacrificing the performance speed of the bagging machine.

The inside surface of the dosing system is smooth, without any retention area. This prevents the product from getting stuck in a corner.

Particular attention has been given to providing easy maintenance: Easy access to the inside of the dosing system thanks to the removable covers on all four sides of the dosing system. When open, the smooth inner surface of the dosing system ensures easy cleaning. In addition, we can supply automatic cleaning systems with air, specially tailored to each client’s particular needs. All weighing systems can be delivered in Stainless Steel for hygienic purposes or for the handling of corrosive products. ATEX versions of all Dosing and Weighing systems are also available.



The CGV is a dosing-system which combines gravity feeding with a vibrating channel. This is typically used for semi-free flowing products such as blends or kibbles of Pet-Food. The coarse filling is performed through a dosing gate and the fine dosing is handled by the vibrating channel. This system’s weighing range is from 5 to 50 kg with speeds of 600 weighings/hour.

Watch the video here. Read more about dosing/weighing here.



Our CT belt conveyor system is also made for semi-free flowing products like seeds, feed pellets, and so on. The dosing and weighing are carried out by means of a unique dosing gate which controls both the coarse and fine dosing. The weighing range is for bags of 5 to 50 kg and speed of up to 600 weighings/hour.

Watch the video here. Read more about dosing/weighing here.



This dosing and weighing system works by means of gravity feeding combined with a special dosing gate that takes care of both the coarse feeding and the fine dosing. It is ideal for free-flowing products, such as grains or semolina and it is available in two versions:

With a servo-driven motor for high speed, offering up to 2,600 weighings/hour or with pneumatic control for up to 800 weighings/hour. Weighing range for the two versions is 5 to 50 kg.

Watch the video here. Read more about dosing/weighing here.



The CAD is PAYPER’s double screw feeding system for non-free-flowing powdery products such as flour, milled minerals, milk powder or detergents. This system consists of a large screw conveyor that handles the coarse filling while a smaller screw performs the fine dosing. Speed of 300 weighings per hour and weight range of 5 to 50 kg.

Watch the video here. Read more about dosing/weighing here.


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How PAYPER manufactures and tests a Full-line Bagging Solution

  Published: 25/06/2020
 Categories: News Projects

See the video

When one of Mexico’s most important chemical companies needed a new bagging- and palletizing solution they entrusted PAYPER to manufacture a complete end-of-line. The accuracy and the speed of the new line were among the company’s main concerns. They required their new line to meet the factory’s existing production speed.

In close cooperation with the client, we designed a complete bagging and palletizing line. The main components of the solution were: An FFS bagging machine, model ASSAC-L10 together with a palletizer and a stretch-wrapper to match the bagging machine’s output, optimizing the line completely to the client’s needs.

PAYPER designs and tailor-makes all vital parts of the line. In this way, we make sure that all components smoothly interact together.

We thoroughly test all machines before disassembly and shipment. All tests are concluded with a FAT to assure that the client is fully satisfied with the design and performance of the new installation before delivery.



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We will emerge from this together

  Published: 09/06/2020
 Categories: News

In PAYPER, we are confident that together we will emerge from this unprecedented situation, and for this reason, we continue working to adapt to a new horizon, with optimism and hope for a better world.

The construction of our new headquarters continues on schedule - watch the latest progress here.


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