50 years of experience

High-performance bagging machines: accurate, fast and reliable

PAYPER is one of the leading manufacturers of complete bagging lines. 

PAYPER has been developing high-performance bagging equipment for 50 years and can satisfy the demands of any required production capacity: from a low to a high degree of automation.

Our wide range of bagging machines enables us to provide solutions to many different industries: Mining, Building, Petrochemical, Chemical and Fertilizer Industries. Further, PAYPER is one of the important suppliers in the sectors of Food for Human Consumption, Animal Feed and Non-Food Crops. We have machinery for all kinds of bags: FFS, Open Mouth, Valve Bags and Big Bags.

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A Form, Fill and Seal bagging machine is an integrated solution in a compact system. The bag is cut and formed from a continuous tubular reel of LDPE or laminated aluminium reel.

The Tubular FFS bag is an efficient solution for bagging all types of powder or granulates applied in the food industry, such as salt or sugar, etc. It is also used in the petrochemical, fertilizer and building materials industry amongst many other applications.

Every industry has its own peculiarities, and PAYPER offers specific options to adapt to each of them.

We have a specific hygienic design for the food and chemical industries and an anti-corrosion kit for handling corrosive and abrasive products

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  • SALT

  • SALT


Our products


    The ASSAC U20 is a high speed compact bagging machine particularly indicated for petrochemical products. Capacity upto 2.600 bags/h. Can be equipped with an automatic reel exchanger. Possibility of fitting this FFS bagging machine on a movable platform.

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  • ASSAC F20

    ASSAC F-20 is a high output capacity bagging machine with performances of up to an impressive 2,000 bags/hr. It is designed for easy to handle, free flowing products such as fertilizers, all types of plastic pellets and salt or sugar, etc.

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  • ASSAC L20

    ASSAC L20 is a medium output capacity bagging machine reaching up to 1,400 bags/hr. It is specially designed for easy to handle, free flowing products such as fertilizers, all types of plastic pellets and salt or sugar, etc.


    ASSAC C20 is a medium output FFS bagger of upto 1,000 bags/hr. It is particularly suited for coarse powder and granules.

  • ASSAC S20

    ASSAC S20 are the gross weight version of the ASSAC models designed for low output capacity up to 400 bags/h and for products that are difficult to handle such as powdery and fragile matters. It is also a perfect solution for projects where there is insufficient space in terms of height.

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