Efficient end of line packaging

Once the bags are filled, closed and quality checked they have to be palletized before being transported to their destination. The quality of the palletization is a key issue for safe long-distance transport. PAYPER offers the right palletizer for all different needs.

Regardless of the type of bag to be palletized, PAYPER has the right solution for high-quality palletization. Palletizers with a high infeed level are appropriate for bagging operations at fast speeds. At medium and high speeds, the conventional high-level infeed palletizer HLP is suited for Valve Bags or FFS bags. A high-level infeed palletizer with a gripper head, HLG, is also available.

Allowing for overlapping at medium speed, the low-level infeed palletizer LLG with gripper head is excellent for Open Mouth bags. The LLP low-level infeed palletizer with row-push function is intended for valve bags and FFS bags.

For multiline palletizing, the robotic solution is perfect. It combines the tasks of positioning the empty pallet, inserting the slip sheet, and depositing the bags.

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HLP Palletizer
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Our products

  • High Level Infeed Palletizer PPAL

    Fully automatic bag palletizer with a bag orientation clamp allowing all types of pallet patterns and also the layer’s to be alternated which will guarantee a perfectly stable load for a safe transport. The layers are prepared on a twin deposit platform where they are squared before being set down on the pallet. Successive layers are stacked on top of each other to compile the final pallet.

    For medium to high speed systems

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  • Low Level Infeed Palletizer GPAL

    Fully automatic bag palletizer with a robotic bag gripper, which allows the system to make all possible types of pallet patterns. This gripper allows an overlapping of bags, which combined with layer crossing gives perfect stability to the entire pallet for safe transport. Successive layers are stacked onto each other to compile the final pallet.

    For medium speed.

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  • Robotic palletization

    The most flexible solution for systems where the machinery footprint is critical.

    The gripping head combines the different functions of palletization as it is able to pick and place bags, empty pallets and even slip sheets.

    It is the right solution for multi-line palletization when several lines are bagging at lower speed.

    For low and medium speed.

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    For de-aerating and levelling the bags to give them the best shape for a stable and nice looking pallet.

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  • Pallet magazine

    Universal empty pallet  dispenser which can handle all types of pallets without any adjustment when the pallet type is changed.

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  • Slip sheet dispenser

    Slip sheet dispenser onto empty pallets to avoid moisture contamination coming from the pallet and protection from any raised nails or splinters which may cause bag punctures.

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  • Pallet handling

    Several types of pallet-handling methods such as roller or chain conveyors and turntables. Transfer of empty and full pallets of weights up to 2.000 kg

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