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At the point of bagging fertilizer is a very complex product. The product by its nature is corrosive to many machinery parts so PAYPER have developed bagging machines that can withstand this problem.

The population of the world has never been growing as fast as it is at present and this will continue for decades to come. This evolution implies that the agricultural production needs will increase equally in order to meet the world’s demand for food and here the fertilizers play an essential role.

Bagging of fertilizers is an extremely sensible process. The products come in either powder or granulated form and they are normally both highly hygroscopic. Therefore the choice of bagging equipment is essential as it must be designed to withstand corrosion. At the same time the equipment must efficiently protect the fertilizer from any contact with moisture both during packing and under transport and storage. Finally, it must facilitate transport to make sure that the fertilizer arrives in perfect conditions to the farmer.

For more than 40 years, PAYPER has been a trusted supplier to the fertilizer business. Knowing the peculiarities of this sector, we have developed a series of bagging machines for FFS Tubular Bags, Open Mouth Bags, Valve Bags and Big Bags. PAYPER offers you a perfectly adapted solution for end of line packaging.

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Dosing and weighing

PAYPER offers a comprehensive weighing and dosing solution for all types of dry bulk materials, whether they are free-flowing or not, including powders, flakes, and granulates.

There are two primary principles that govern the weighing and dosing process:

  • Gross weight: In this method, the product is directly weighed within the bag. It is typically employed for lower speeds.
  • Net weight: With this approach, the product is first weighed in a pan before being released into the bag. This system is generally utilized for higher speeds and great accuracy.

PAYPER ensures that regardless of the nature of the dry bulk goods, they have a suitable weighing and dosing solution to meet the specific requirements of each application.

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