Bagging and transport of minerals

Tailor-made solutions for transporting the raw material from the mine to the customer plant!

Whatever their origin, once the mineral [raw materials] have been extracted, they have to be forwarded to their destination.

Whether these materials are in powder form, granules or small rubble, frequently they are both dusty and abrasive. Therefore packing in bags or Big Bags is necessary, depending on their destination.

PAYPER has developed a wide range of dosing, weighing and packaging equipment for all types of bags and BIG BAGS, perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the mining sector.

Whatever the type of packaging required, valve bags, tubular FFS or open mouth bags, at PAYPER you will find a tailor-made solution including palletizing and over wrapping.

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Dosing and weighing

No matter the nature of the product, free-flowing or not, powdery, flakes or granulates, PAYPER has the adequate weighing & dosing solution.

Two principles are applicable for weighing and dosing:

  • Gross weight: The product is weighed directly in the bag. Mainly used for lower speeds.
  • Net weight: The product is weighed in the pan prior to release into the bag. This is generally used to improve speed and accuracy.

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