Chemical Industry

Fast working bagging solutions for different types of chemicals

Bagging of chemicals is a challenge due to the different nature of the products. PAYPER has developed a series of bagging machines in order to give a solution to any of the particular problems in this sector.

The chemical industry covers a wide range of products and activities in a broad variety of fields.

Whether the products are in form of powder, granules or other, their rheological behaviour, their particle size and their density vary as much as their application.

The contamination risk is another major concern for stakeholders in this sector. On one hand, the packaging equipment must be designed to avoid contamination and on the other, it should allow for easy cleaning and validation while respecting the requirements of pace.

PAYPER is a full-liner solution provider. We offer a wide range of systems for dosing, weighing, bagging, palletizing, stretching and hood wrapping for all types of bags and Big Bags.

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Dosing and weighing

No matter the nature of the product, free-flowing or not, powdery, flakes or granulates, PAYPER has the adequate weighing & dosing solution.

Two principles are applicable for weighing and dosing:

  • Gross weight: The product is weighed directly in the bag. Mainly used for lower speeds.
  • Net weight: The product is weighed in the pan prior to release into the bag. This is generally used to improve speed and accuracy.

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