Published: 16/02/2024
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The global demand for fertilizers is increasing, driven by a rapidly growing population. Meeting this demand requires an intensified approach to agricultural production, where fertilizers play an important role. However, the fertilizer industry's unique challenges demand careful consideration, especially when it comes to packaging. At PAYPER, we understand the complexities involved and offer specialized bagging equipment designed to address the corrosive and dusty nature of fertilizers.

One key challenge is the hygroscopic nature of fertilizers, whether in granulate or powder form. Managing moisture becomes crucial, adding an extra layer of complexity to packaging machinery and environmental conditions. Ensuring that the filled bag maintains its nominal weight and appearance throughout its entire lifecycle, from storage to transportation and delivery, is a priority for fertilizer manufacturers. When initiating a bagging and palletizing project, factors like preferred bagging technology, bag size and material, and total hourly output must be carefully considered, all while adhering to local and international regulations.


For five decades, PAYPER has been present in the fertilizer sector, providing dosing and weighing systems, bagging machines, and palletizers. Our journey has been a collaborative one with our customers, resulting in the development of modern, robust, and user-friendly equipment tailored specifically for the fertilizer industry. At PAYPER, we specialize in solutions that adapt to each customer's unique needs.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our anti-corrosion measures and dust emission controls incorporated into our bagging systems, addressing the challenges posed by corrosive and dusty fertilizers. Our installations are adaptable, offering reliable cleaning systems to prevent cross-contamination for clients handling various products. At PAYPER, we tirelessly explore and provide optimal solutions for every project.

Robust and user-friendly Bagging Solutions:

• Open Mouth Bagging machines – up to 1,800 bags/h

• FFS Bagging machines – up to 2,600 bags/h

• Valve Bagging machines – up to 2,000 bags/h

• Big-Bag filling machines – up to 100 Big bags/h


Matching Palletizing and Overpacking Systems

Choosing the right machinery for a complete fertilizer bagging line is of great importance. PAYPER ensures a seamless match, offering corresponding palletizers and overpacking systems with bags/hour rates tailored to each bagging system:

• Robotic palletizer

• Low-level infeed palletizers

• High-level infeed palletizers

• Stretch-wrapper or Stretch-hooder to maintain a stable pallet load and protect the bags from dust and humidity.

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