Published: 01/04/2021
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New FFS Bagging System

We are happy to introduce the next member of the IMPULS-family: The ASSAC-U20.

The newest FFS bagging machine from PAYPER has been specially developed for the fast filling of bags with free flowing products, such as  granules, plastic pellets and fertilizer prills. The U20 can fill an amazing 2,600 bags per hour without compromising on precision.

With almost 50 years of experience and close collaboration with the specific industries, PAYPER offers tailor-made solutions that fit each particular demand.

Here are some of the specific modular solutions for the ASSAC-range:

  • Automatic roll film change – The production continues uninterruptedly while a new roll film is being prepared.
  • ATEX-certification – The complete bagging solution is prepared for unstable environments.
  • Anti-corrosion kit – The installation is optimized to be used with abrasive or corrosive products.
  • Cleaning – Easy access to all parts of the installation. Different wet and dry cleaning systems are available to suit specific needs.
  • Machine-status: Dual, visual indication of the status of the complete installation: OK /Warning / Error
  • Corner sealing system – secures perfect, brick formed bags, ready for optimum palletization.
  • Movable platform: The FFS bagger is fitted on a movable platform for easy transfer from one silo to another.

We work side by side with our client during the phases of design, commissioning and after-sales service. We are convinced that this close collaboration during all stages of a project is the best guarantee for an optimum and longlasting bagging solution.

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