DRACO - New Installations

  Published: 11/02/2021
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In PAYPER, we are proud to be part of DRACO’s brand new installations in Muć.

This Croatian manufacturer of waterproofing products needed a bagging and palletizing solution for polymer-cement for the new factory.

PAYPER designed a custom-made solution and installed the compact ALL-IN-ONE which fills and palletizes the valve-bags in a fully automatic way with the need of only one operator. This installation featured ultrasonic valve sealing to protect the product and to avoid leakages. Just before palletizing, the bags pass through a bag flattener device to assure a stable and safe pallet.

DRACO’s Production Manager, Mr Ljubomir Bonković explains: “With the installation of PAYPER's ALL-IN-ONE solution, DRACO became a technological leader in the production of dry mortar materials in this part of Europe (Central Europe).” He adds: “Although the project was run during the COVID-19 crisis, it was completed on time, fully functional and within the budget. This was only possible to do due to the great commitment of the PAYPER-team.”

Watch DRACO’s video from the new installations.

Thank you for the words of praise and congratulations with the new installations. In PAYPER we can only be happy when our clients are pleased and satisfied with the solution we have provided. Good luck to the DRACO-team.

You can read more about PAYPER’s different solutions in the building sector in our dedicated catalogue here. 

ALL-IN-ONE video

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