A fresh drive for PAYPER Bagging India

  Published: 09/05/2023
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A fresh drive for PAYPER Bagging India 

The PAYPER India team has been visiting Interpack and PAYPER's international headquarters in Spain over the past few days. These meetings have strengthened PAYPER's dedication to offering the finest service possible to its clients throughout Asia.

PAYPER's Mumbai branch will play an important role in increasing our presence and image in India and Asia over the next few months. In addition to enhancing communication with our customers, our compromise is to reinforce commercial and technical support.

Curiously, Interpack fell on the 11th anniversary of the establishment of our Indian affiliate. Consequently, at the exhibition, in addition to exchanging impressions with our Asian colleagues, we also got the chance to commemorate the anniversary.

About PAYPER Bagging India

PAYPER established its subsidiary in India in 2012. Now, it consists of a manufacturing facility in Pune and sales offices in Mumbai. Fast and local service for our customers throughout Asia is ensured by these two locations and a team of more than 30 people.

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