Published: 16/02/2024
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The global demand for fertilizers is increasing, driven by a rapidly growing population. Meeting this demand requires an intensified approach to agricultural production, where fertilizers play an important role. However, the fertilizer industry's unique challenges demand careful consideration, especially when it comes to packaging. At PAYPER, we understand the complexities involved and offer specialized bagging equipment designed to address the corrosive and dusty nature of fertilizers.

One key challenge is the hygroscopic nature of fertilizers, whether in granulate or powder form. Managing moisture becomes crucial, adding an extra layer of complexity to packaging machinery and environmental conditions. Ensuring that the filled bag maintains its nominal weight and appearance throughout its entire lifecycle, from storage to transportation and delivery, is a priority for fertilizer manufacturers. When initiating a bagging and palletizing project, factors like preferred bagging technology, bag size and material, and total hourly output must be carefully considered, all while adhering to local and international regulations.


For five decades, PAYPER has been present in the fertilizer sector, providing dosing and weighing systems, bagging machines, and palletizers. Our journey has been a collaborative one with our customers, resulting in the development of modern, robust, and user-friendly equipment tailored specifically for the fertilizer industry. At PAYPER, we specialize in solutions that adapt to each customer's unique needs.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our anti-corrosion measures and dust emission controls incorporated into our bagging systems, addressing the challenges posed by corrosive and dusty fertilizers. Our installations are adaptable, offering reliable cleaning systems to prevent cross-contamination for clients handling various products. At PAYPER, we tirelessly explore and provide optimal solutions for every project.

Robust and user-friendly Bagging Solutions:

• Open Mouth Bagging machines – up to 1,800 bags/h

• FFS Bagging machines – up to 2,600 bags/h

• Valve Bagging machines – up to 2,000 bags/h

• Big-Bag filling machines – up to 100 Big bags/h


Matching Palletizing and Overpacking Systems

Choosing the right machinery for a complete fertilizer bagging line is of great importance. PAYPER ensures a seamless match, offering corresponding palletizers and overpacking systems with bags/hour rates tailored to each bagging system:

• Robotic palletizer

• Low-level infeed palletizers

• High-level infeed palletizers

• Stretch-wrapper or Stretch-hooder to maintain a stable pallet load and protect the bags from dust and humidity.

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Enhanced and Expanded Open-Mouth Bagging Range

  Published: 04/10/2023
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Enhanced and Expanded Open-Mouth Bagging Range

PAYPER is excited to unveil its upgraded and expanded open-mouth bagging range, featuring six fully automatic models capable of achieving high speeds of up to 1,800 bags per hour. Designed to accommodate a wide range of dry bulk materials, whether they are free-flowing or non-free-flowing, these machines are compatible with pre-made, open-mouth bags ranging from 5 to 25 kg. These bags can be constructed from various materials including paper, PE, PP, aluminium, or even a combination of PE and paper.

Our open-mouth bagging line, CSA, has undergone a comprehensive redesign and optimization process. This initiative has not only reduced energy consumption but also increased production speeds. In addition to these improvements, we are introducing a new patented bag presentation system, further expanding the capabilities of our range and enabling high-performance bagging at a rate of up to 1,800 bags per hour.

At PAYPER, we prioritize robust design, ensuring easy access for cleaning and maintenance, which in turn maximizes uptime for your operations. All our open-mouth baggers feature our advanced dosing and weighing systems. Our dynamic weight controller, MSX, is specifically tailored for the bag-filling process, allowing maximum weighing precision at high bagging speeds.

The versatility of our open-mouth bagger line means it can smoothly integrate into a wide array of industries, including mining, building, petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, pet food and animal feed. We collaborate closely with our clients to tailor each project's configuration to their specific requirements, offering options for bag closure, bag deaeration, and handling corrosive, abrasive, or ATEX products.

With 50 years of experience in the market, PAYPER specializes in designing and manufacturing comprehensive, customized bagging lines. These projects encompass dosing, weighing, bagging, palletizing, and wrapping equipment. We are committed to delivering first-class solutions that meet your bagging needs.

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Bag Palletizing equipment: choosing the right solution

  Published: 30/05/2023
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Advanced palletizing technologies have made palletizing bags more efficient and cost-effective. As a leading packaging line provider, PAYPER offers a variety of palletizing solutions to meet the needs of different industries. This article will provide an overview of PAYPER's 3 palletizer series, PPAL, GPAL, and RPAL and how they can improve production plant operations.


PAYPER designs and manufactures next-generation bagging lines for bulk solids: turn-key projects including dosing, weighing, bagging, palletizing and overwrapping. PAYPER has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking high-quality, reliable equipment with a commitment to technological innovation.

When it comes to automating the palletizing operation, two different product categories are available: conventional and robotic. Check out these different palletizing technologies:


  • PPAL palletizers: speedy, heavy-duty and high-productive.

This push-type palletizer is very fast, allowing high production capacities and creating fully square pallets with high stability. First, the front and side pusher system form the layers at right angles; then, each layer is compressed against the previous layer for extra stability. Push palletizers are highly flexible, allowing adaptation to different layer patterns, and are particularly suitable for valve bags and FFS bags. The highest output model in the PPAL series can palletize 2,800 bags/hour.


  • GPAL palletizers: accurate, fast and stable.

The GPAL clamp palletizer handles any type of bag, although it is particularly indicated to work with open-mouth bags as it is designed to provide the perfect overlapping of the bags. The final result is a very stable and perfectly stacked pallet.


  • RPAL palletizers: compact and versatile.

PAYPER’s RPAL palletizers are equipped with advanced robotic technology and are the most compact of all palletizing solutions. They take up very little space and therefore they are ideal for production areas with a limited footprint. They are the most versatile palletizer, as they can handle any type and size of bags including open-mouth bags, also when overlapping is required. Depending on the bag and the desired layer pattern and production, different types of grippers are available to optimize any palletizing task. They are ideal for low to medium production capacity.


New palletizing technologies have increased the production capacity, versatility and cost-effectiveness of production plants. PAYPER's PPAL, GPAL, and RPAL palletizers are designed to meet the needs of different industries and can be customized to fit specific requirements. These palletizers range offer high-speed palletizing, accuracy and efficiency, making them ideal for businesses looking to improve their operations.


More information about palletizing solutions on the web and on the Youtube Channel of PAYPER.

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New Scara Robot Palletizer

  Published: 22/03/2022
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PAYPER’s new Scara palletizing robot is the perfect tool for the automatization of your end-of-line process.
This fully automatic palletizing robot carries out all the necessary steps for your bags to form a nice, stable pallet.
The Scara operates in very little space, ideal for reduced footprints. 
It can handle all sorts of bags of all sorts of material and it palletizes in different patterns with or without bag-overlapping.

Watch the video: Watch the video


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Complete bagging and palletizing line for RAGT

  Published: 09/02/2022
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When RAGT, a company dedicated to the production and research of seeds was planning the construction of a new plant in Northern Spain, the company relied once again on PAYPER as the supplier of the complete packaging line for the installation.

Engineers from the two companies worked out the best solution to meet all RAGT’s requirements for the new enterprise. The final solution consisted of a fully automatic open-mouth bagger, model CSA-95, with an easy change between bag sizes and a double labelling system.

In continuation of the bagging machine, a low-level infeed palletizer, model LLG-90, was installed. The special gripping head guarantees a perfect overlapping between the bags, ensuring a very stable and perfectly finished pallet. Additionally, RAGT required a Big-Bag filling station.

Both the pallets with bags as well as the Big-Bags are conducted towards the pallet wrapper, which assures a perfect finish and protection against humidity and dust of the bags containing seeds. In this particular case, we included a labelling system, able to stick labels on all 4 sides of the wrapped pallet.

The complete line was fully tested in PAYPER’s installations before the FAT.

With the new Headquarters, situated 1 ½ hour from Barcelona, PAYPER has doubled the surface of production to some 10.000 m2.

“Our former factory had become too small and PAYPER has been looking forward to moving into our new premises”, says managing director, J.M. Godia. “It gives us the perfect setting for manufacturing and fully testing complete bagging and palletizing lines”.

Apart from the Cereals & Seeds industry, PAYPER has clients in many different sectors, such as the Chemical Industry, the Food Industry, the Animal Feed Industry, the Mineral Industry and Construction.

PAYPER exports to more than 70 countries, representing 85% of the turnover. The subsidiaries in France, Mexico, Brazil, India, the Middle East, Thailand, Russia and the Czech Republic assures local commercial and technical support. 

VIDEO Low Level Infeed Palletizer


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  Published: 01/04/2021
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New FFS Bagging System

We are happy to introduce the next member of the IMPULS-family: The ASSAC-U20.

The newest FFS bagging machine from PAYPER has been specially developed for the fast filling of bags with free flowing products, such as  granules, plastic pellets and fertilizer prills. The U20 can fill an amazing 2,600 bags per hour without compromising on precision.

With almost 50 years of experience and close collaboration with the specific industries, PAYPER offers tailor-made solutions that fit each particular demand.

Here are some of the specific modular solutions for the ASSAC-range:

  • Automatic roll film change – The production continues uninterruptedly while a new roll film is being prepared.
  • ATEX-certification – The complete bagging solution is prepared for unstable environments.
  • Anti-corrosion kit – The installation is optimized to be used with abrasive or corrosive products.
  • Cleaning – Easy access to all parts of the installation. Different wet and dry cleaning systems are available to suit specific needs.
  • Machine-status: Dual, visual indication of the status of the complete installation: OK /Warning / Error
  • Corner sealing system – secures perfect, brick formed bags, ready for optimum palletization.
  • Movable platform: The FFS bagger is fitted on a movable platform for easy transfer from one silo to another.

We work side by side with our client during the phases of design, commissioning and after-sales service. We are convinced that this close collaboration during all stages of a project is the best guarantee for an optimum and longlasting bagging solution.

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New IMPULS-design

  Published: 16/12/2020
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It is with great enthusiasm that we present our new IMPULS-design for the future generation of bagging machines and palletizers.
On the outside we have given the machines a facelift: the new, streamlined look underlines the functional and modern technology that constitute the fundament of all our bagging and palletizing solutions. 
On the inside, our designers have given the machines a general overhaul, attending to the details that will make the use, maintenance and after-sales service much easier. 
One of the first bagging machines with the characteristic IMPULS-design is a fully equipped open-mouth automatic bagging solution. It features all PAYPERs solutions for modern, optimal and top-performing bagging of PET FOOD. 
Read the story here 
Watch the video here 


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Case Story: Fully Equipped Bagging Machine, made for the Versatile Conditions in the Pet Food Industry

  Published: 26/11/2020
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Watch the video


Our client needed a fully automatic, modern and top-performing bagging machine with all the features to face the actual and future demands in the Pet-Food sector.

They approached us because they had experienced considerable growth and they needed to expand their production capacity. Together we designed their new bagging-line.

Products and bags

When we first discussed this new Pet Food bagging project, it was clear that the client needed a very flexible solution. Like most Pet Food manufacturers, the list of different products was very long: More than 60 products and different kibble sizes that should be packed in bags from 5 to 20 kg.

We analysed the wide spectrum of bag types and materials: Laminated aluminium, polyethylene and laminated woven polypropylene bags. Some of them were equipped with a zip or a slider and some with Velcro-closure. Some should be filled from the mouth and others from the bottom, including double bottom bags.

The required rate was to match the extruder’s capacity of 10.000 kg per hour.


Our recommendation was the CSA MD-105, a truly versatile solution, that would adapt perfectly to all these different needs.

It was equipped with a multiple empty bags magazine that confers great autonomy to the installation. The client wanted to print the batch number and the expiry date on the empty bag. We fitted a thermal printing station that ensures a perfect marking due to the exact stopping position of the bag.

To guarantee outstanding precision while maintaining the high-speed filling rate, we agreed on a double dosing and weighing system with vibrating channel.

When a bag is fitted with a zip or a Velcro closing, that is unintentionally closed, the filling mouth has a special feature, that opens the bag without damaging the bag’s external decoration. 

A de-aeration system evacuates the air in the bag before the final closure by welding. Optionally we have left one station open in the CSA MD 105. At a later stage, we can fit a probe with a double function: It empties the bag of air and it can fill it with an inert gas.

Before the final closing of the bag in the welding station, an alignment system to level the bag’s mouth assures a perfectly positioned welding on the very top of the bag with an excellent finish. The welding station is capable of making a double welding if required.

The hygienic aspect has been particularly addressed by means of the integration of an automatic air cleaning system. The dosing and weighing system together with the connecting hopper and the bagging mouth are designed to ensure that there is no retention area. Therefore, the automatic air cleaning cycle ensures perfect cleaning of all parts that come in contact with the product. All PAYPER machines can be accessed from all four sides, including from the electrical cabinet, a feature that makes maintenance and cleaning very easy.


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Unstable Pallets? We have the Solution!

  Published: 06/11/2020
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Watch the video

PAYPER’s newly developed gripper head, SGR, builds an extremely stable and fine-looking pallet. The result is one of the best pallets made with a robotic palletizer.

The new gripper head with guide plates ensures that each bag is placed with great accuracy onto the pallet. It is even capable of doing layers of 3 or 4 bags.

Our palletizing robot is suited for both single and multi-line palletization and reaches a speed of up to 1.400 bags per hour.

This versatile robot carries out all the different palletizing functions: Picking and placing of bags, empty pallets and slip sheets and interlayer sheets.

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4 tried and tested Precision Dosing and Weighing systems from PAYPER

  Published: 18/09/2020
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When bagging a bulk product, the accuracy of the weighing system is of extreme importance. A wide range of products are of high value and, at the time of bagging, even the smallest deviation from the nominal content may result in significant economic losses.

PAYPER’s R&D department has developed 4 different electronic dosing and weighing systems. They are all manufactured in-house, which means that we fully control the quality and performance of the final dosing and weighing system.

We have a Dosing and Weighing system suitable for bulk-products of any kind: Fine Powder of <120µ, Coarse Powder from 120-500µ and Granules of more than 500µ. Whether the product is free-flowing or non-free-flowing, the process of dosing and weighing is carried out to the highest accuracy without sacrificing the performance speed of the bagging machine.

The inside surface of the dosing system is smooth, without any retention area. This prevents the product from getting stuck in a corner.

Particular attention has been given to providing easy maintenance: Easy access to the inside of the dosing system thanks to the removable covers on all four sides of the dosing system. When open, the smooth inner surface of the dosing system ensures easy cleaning. In addition, we can supply automatic cleaning systems with air, specially tailored to each client’s particular needs. All weighing systems can be delivered in Stainless Steel for hygienic purposes or for the handling of corrosive products. ATEX versions of all Dosing and Weighing systems are also available.



The CGV is a dosing-system which combines gravity feeding with a vibrating channel. This is typically used for semi-free flowing products such as blends or kibbles of Pet-Food. The coarse filling is performed through a dosing gate and the fine dosing is handled by the vibrating channel. This system’s weighing range is from 5 to 50 kg with speeds of 600 weighings/hour.

Watch the video here. Read more about dosing/weighing here.



Our CT belt conveyor system is also made for semi-free flowing products like seeds, feed pellets, and so on. The dosing and weighing are carried out by means of a unique dosing gate which controls both the coarse and fine dosing. The weighing range is for bags of 5 to 50 kg and speed of up to 600 weighings/hour.

Watch the video here. Read more about dosing/weighing here.



This dosing and weighing system works by means of gravity feeding combined with a special dosing gate that takes care of both the coarse feeding and the fine dosing. It is ideal for free-flowing products, such as grains or semolina and it is available in two versions:

With a servo-driven motor for high speed, offering up to 2,600 weighings/hour or with pneumatic control for up to 800 weighings/hour. Weighing range for the two versions is 5 to 50 kg.

Watch the video here. Read more about dosing/weighing here.



The CAD is PAYPER’s double screw feeding system for non-free-flowing powdery products such as flour, milled minerals, milk powder or detergents. This system consists of a large screw conveyor that handles the coarse filling while a smaller screw performs the fine dosing. Speed of 300 weighings per hour and weight range of 5 to 50 kg.

Watch the video here. Read more about dosing/weighing here.


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