Complete bagging and palletizing line for RAGT

  Published: 09/02/2022
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When RAGT, a company dedicated to the production and research of seeds was planning the construction of a new plant in Northern Spain, the company relied once again on PAYPER as the supplier of the complete packaging line for the installation.

Engineers from the two companies worked out the best solution to meet all RAGT’s requirements for the new enterprise. The final solution consisted of a fully automatic open-mouth bagger, model CSA-95, with an easy change between bag sizes and a double labelling system.

In continuation of the bagging machine, a low-level infeed palletizer, model LLG-90, was installed. The special gripping head guarantees a perfect overlapping between the bags, ensuring a very stable and perfectly finished pallet. Additionally, RAGT required a Big-Bag filling station.

Both the pallets with bags as well as the Big-Bags are conducted towards the pallet wrapper, which assures a perfect finish and protection against humidity and dust of the bags containing seeds. In this particular case, we included a labelling system, able to stick labels on all 4 sides of the wrapped pallet.

The complete line was fully tested in PAYPER’s installations before the FAT.

With the new Headquarters, situated 1 ½ hour from Barcelona, PAYPER has doubled the surface of production to some 10.000 m2.

“Our former factory had become too small and PAYPER has been looking forward to moving into our new premises”, says managing director, J.M. Godia. “It gives us the perfect setting for manufacturing and fully testing complete bagging and palletizing lines”.

Apart from the Cereals & Seeds industry, PAYPER has clients in many different sectors, such as the Chemical Industry, the Food Industry, the Animal Feed Industry, the Mineral Industry and Construction.

PAYPER exports to more than 70 countries, representing 85% of the turnover. The subsidiaries in France, Mexico, Brazil, India, the Middle East, Thailand, Russia and the Czech Republic assures local commercial and technical support. 

VIDEO Low Level Infeed Palletizer


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Efficient Flour Bagging in Valve Bags

  Published: 19/03/2021
 Categories: News Projects

"The new bagging line produces more than we expected."


Hedwigsburger Okermühle GmbH in Germany is one of the oldest mills still in operation. It dates from 1318 and has had uninterrupted activity since 1820.

Okermühle contacted PAYPER through their German partner, SSB Wägetechnik GmbH, for a new valve bagging machine for wheat flour.

Together we designed their new line, which is a fully automatic installation consisting of an automatic bag presenter and a fluidization bagging machine. The flour is introduced by gravity into a chamber in which a stream of air from the bottom fluidizes the flour. Another flow of air from the top of the chamber conveys the product into the bag.


The fluidization system is the ideal technique for food products as it is very easy to clean, control and maintain. It facilitates a perfect cleaning of the whole bagging equipment in between different productions.


Once the bag is full, the valve is thermo-sealed by two ultrasonic bars. The result is a perfectly airtight bag with good protection against any external contamination. Thermo-sealing further minimizes dust emission.


Okermühle’s new bagging line fills and seals 180 bags per hour with one single filling nozzle. The project is designed to allow for a future expansion that will triple the production.


Birko Boeltzig, Okermühle's Sales and Project Manager, says:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the PAYPER/SSB team for a great job. The system works better than expected (233 bags/h unwelded). Our employees working with the bagging line look very happy and your commissioning engineers did a great job of training.

It was a good decision to work with you”.

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DRACO - New Installations

  Published: 11/02/2021
 Categories: News Projects

In PAYPER, we are proud to be part of DRACO’s brand new installations in Muć.

This Croatian manufacturer of waterproofing products needed a bagging and palletizing solution for polymer-cement for the new factory.

PAYPER designed a custom-made solution and installed the compact ALL-IN-ONE which fills and palletizes the valve-bags in a fully automatic way with the need of only one operator. This installation featured ultrasonic valve sealing to protect the product and to avoid leakages. Just before palletizing, the bags pass through a bag flattener device to assure a stable and safe pallet.

DRACO’s Production Manager, Mr Ljubomir Bonković explains: “With the installation of PAYPER's ALL-IN-ONE solution, DRACO became a technological leader in the production of dry mortar materials in this part of Europe (Central Europe).” He adds: “Although the project was run during the COVID-19 crisis, it was completed on time, fully functional and within the budget. This was only possible to do due to the great commitment of the PAYPER-team.”

Watch DRACO’s video from the new installations.

Thank you for the words of praise and congratulations with the new installations. In PAYPER we can only be happy when our clients are pleased and satisfied with the solution we have provided. Good luck to the DRACO-team.

You can read more about PAYPER’s different solutions in the building sector in our dedicated catalogue here. 

ALL-IN-ONE video

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New IMPULS-design

  Published: 16/12/2020
 Categories: News Product news Projects

It is with great enthusiasm that we present our new IMPULS-design for the future generation of bagging machines and palletizers.
On the outside we have given the machines a facelift: the new, streamlined look underlines the functional and modern technology that constitute the fundament of all our bagging and palletizing solutions. 
On the inside, our designers have given the machines a general overhaul, attending to the details that will make the use, maintenance and after-sales service much easier. 
One of the first bagging machines with the characteristic IMPULS-design is a fully equipped open-mouth automatic bagging solution. It features all PAYPERs solutions for modern, optimal and top-performing bagging of PET FOOD. 
Read the story here 
Watch the video here 


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Case Story: Fully Equipped Bagging Machine, made for the Versatile Conditions in the Pet Food Industry

  Published: 26/11/2020
 Categories: Product news Projects

Watch the video


Our client needed a fully automatic, modern and top-performing bagging machine with all the features to face the actual and future demands in the Pet-Food sector.

They approached us because they had experienced considerable growth and they needed to expand their production capacity. Together we designed their new bagging-line.

Products and bags

When we first discussed this new Pet Food bagging project, it was clear that the client needed a very flexible solution. Like most Pet Food manufacturers, the list of different products was very long: More than 60 products and different kibble sizes that should be packed in bags from 5 to 20 kg.

We analysed the wide spectrum of bag types and materials: Laminated aluminium, polyethylene and laminated woven polypropylene bags. Some of them were equipped with a zip or a slider and some with Velcro-closure. Some should be filled from the mouth and others from the bottom, including double bottom bags.

The required rate was to match the extruder’s capacity of 10.000 kg per hour.


Our recommendation was the CSA MD-105, a truly versatile solution, that would adapt perfectly to all these different needs.

It was equipped with a multiple empty bags magazine that confers great autonomy to the installation. The client wanted to print the batch number and the expiry date on the empty bag. We fitted a thermal printing station that ensures a perfect marking due to the exact stopping position of the bag.

To guarantee outstanding precision while maintaining the high-speed filling rate, we agreed on a double dosing and weighing system with vibrating channel.

When a bag is fitted with a zip or a Velcro closing, that is unintentionally closed, the filling mouth has a special feature, that opens the bag without damaging the bag’s external decoration. 

A de-aeration system evacuates the air in the bag before the final closure by welding. Optionally we have left one station open in the CSA MD 105. At a later stage, we can fit a probe with a double function: It empties the bag of air and it can fill it with an inert gas.

Before the final closing of the bag in the welding station, an alignment system to level the bag’s mouth assures a perfectly positioned welding on the very top of the bag with an excellent finish. The welding station is capable of making a double welding if required.

The hygienic aspect has been particularly addressed by means of the integration of an automatic air cleaning system. The dosing and weighing system together with the connecting hopper and the bagging mouth are designed to ensure that there is no retention area. Therefore, the automatic air cleaning cycle ensures perfect cleaning of all parts that come in contact with the product. All PAYPER machines can be accessed from all four sides, including from the electrical cabinet, a feature that makes maintenance and cleaning very easy.


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How PAYPER manufactures and tests a Full-line Bagging Solution

  Published: 25/06/2020
 Categories: News Projects

See the video

When one of Mexico’s most important chemical companies needed a new bagging- and palletizing solution they entrusted PAYPER to manufacture a complete end-of-line. The accuracy and the speed of the new line were among the company’s main concerns. They required their new line to meet the factory’s existing production speed.

In close cooperation with the client, we designed a complete bagging and palletizing line. The main components of the solution were: An FFS bagging machine, model ASSAC-L10 together with a palletizer and a stretch-wrapper to match the bagging machine’s output, optimizing the line completely to the client’s needs.

PAYPER designs and tailor-makes all vital parts of the line. In this way, we make sure that all components smoothly interact together.

We thoroughly test all machines before disassembly and shipment. All tests are concluded with a FAT to assure that the client is fully satisfied with the design and performance of the new installation before delivery.



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Successful FAT

  Published: 24/02/2020
 Categories: News Projects

Our client Promat visited us in Lleida last week in connexion with the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of their new bagging installation. Promat supplies solutions for Passive Fire Protection and our Team in PAYPER Middle East has helped them to find a modern and versatile Open Mouth bagging solution. This new bagging-machine forms part of the automatization process of Promat’s plant in UAE. 


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New Complete Bagging and Palletizing line for Pet Food

  Published: 12/08/2019
 Categories: News Projects

New Complete Bagging and Palletizing line for Pet Food

One of the very important players in the Argentinian pet food industry approached us when they needed to expand their business. They wanted to be prepared for the increasing demands in the pet food market, and therefore they needed to implement a complete, new, highly automized packaging line comprising bagger, palletizer and wrapping equipment.

In PAYPER we designed a technologically advanced solution that satisfies all the requirements from a modern and progressive pet food producer. All tailor made for our client.

The installation consists of the high capacity and very accurate belt conveyor dosing system, PN90-CTS.

The bag filling machine we have fitted, is a CSA-105 – capable to fill up to 1.200 bags/hour. It incorporates a metal detector, a vacuum probe for efficient vacuuming of the bag and a sealing system for a nice looking and tight closing of the bag.

To optimize the quality control, the system includes an automatic dynamic catch weight controller and a bag rejecter device for bags that do not comply with the pre-established weight.

Before palletizing the bags, they pass through the bag flattener to enhance the finished pallet’s stability.

The bag palletizer supplied is of the type TOP LOAD GM with a bag gripper, allowing different types of pallet patterns. In this way we assure the maximum stability of the pallet together with the sheets from the slip sheet dispenser. The palletizer is fitted with a pallet magazine, that automatically feeds the empty pallets to the palletizer. Finally, the pallet is wrapped with a cover film to protect the pet food bags from dust and moisture.

We are very proud to have participated in the augmented automatization of this pet food manufacturer – watch the video here.


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Packing Solution for Rubber Granules

  Published: 07/06/2019
 Categories: News Projects

The company Minier Recyclage, located in Dreux (France) received their new packing line from PAYPER in the beginning of May this year. Minier Recyclage manufactures rubber granules from non-used industrial waste and they were looking for a complete automatic solution to improve operator safety and capacity.

We have installed an air-packer, PFG-10 with an automatic bag placer to fill the product into plastic bags and a robot palletizer, ROB-LOAD to stack the bags onto a pallet.

We are proud that Minier Recyclage have entrusted the execution of their new project to PAYPER!

This is the video Minier Recyclage recently published on LinkedIn.


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ALL-IN-ONE Robot - The most compact bagging and palletizing solution

  Published: 17/07/2018
 Categories: News Product news Projects

PAYPER has just set up a new ALL-IN-ONE Robot at the client’s premises.

During the last couple of years, we have seen an increasing need for an ultra-compact solution for bagging and palletizing. In order to respond to the market, our R&D section has dedicated important resources to find the optimum solution for our clients. 

Now, we are pleased to present the answer to these needs: The ALL-IN-ONE. It fits into spaces with a very narrow footprint and it does not need much height to operate either.

The ALL-IN-ONE consists of an air-packer valve bag filling station, an ultrasonic sealing system and a robot. The robot picks up the empty bag from the magazine, presents it to the filling spout, picks up the filled bag from the transport band and places it on the pallet.

This solution is available for different sectors, such as the food industry, and the chemical and building industries.

More about the ALL-IN-ONE

Watch the ALL-IN-ONE video 


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