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No matter the nature of the product, free-flowing or not, powdery, flakes or granulates, PAYPER has the adequate weighing & dosing solution.

Two principles are applicable for weighing and dosing:

  • Gross weight: The product is weighed directly in the bag. Mainly used for lower speeds.
  • Net weight: The product is weighed in the pan prior to release into the bag. This is generally used to improve speed and accuracy.
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During more than 40 years PAYPER have delivered bagging solutions to clients operating in so diverse fields as the Petrochemical Industry and the Animal Food Industry.

Our wide range of bagging machines enables us to provide solutions to many different industries: Mining, Building, Petrochemical, Chemical and Fertilizer Industries. Further, PAYPER is one of the important suppliers in the sectors of Food for Human Consumption, Animal Feed and Non-Food Crops. We have machinery for all kinds of bags: FFS, Open Mouth, Valve Bags and Big Bags.

Quality and reliability are the keywords when we talk of long-term business relations and we are proud to say that we have clients in more than 75 countries all over the world.

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Once the bags are filled, closed and quality checked they have to be palletized before being transported to their destination. The quality of the palletization is a key issue for safe long-distance transport. PAYPER offers the right palletizer for all different needs.

PAYPER always has the right solution for a high quality palletization no matter what type of bags are to be palletized. High infeed level palletizers are very suitable for high speed bagging lines. The conventional high level infeed palletizer TOP LOAD PM is perfectly adapted for Valve Bags or FFS bags at medium and high speed.

The high level infeed palletizer TOP LOAD GM is also the perfect solution for Open Mouth bags because it allows the overlapping of the bag mouth at medium speed.

The robotic solution ROB LOAD is the right solution for multiline palletizing or for combining the pallet distribution, slip sheet placing onto empty pallets and the stacking of the bags.

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Once the bag is filled and closed with our state of the art in-line quality control equipment you can assure your client that the content of the delivered bags is totally guaranteed.

Automatic Quality Control Devices are the perfect equipment to add to your lines to assure your customers that they get unpolluted product at the correct weight which will bring confidence to the customer.

To ensure safe transport and the highest level of protection to the products during storage a protective film is wrapped or hooded over the pallet to complete the job.

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