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The open mouth bag is a pre-made bag in paper, PE, PP, Aluminium or even combined PE and Paper.

The open mouth bag technology presents good flexibility for all different sizes of bags, which may have to be packed on the same line.

Bags of different materials can be used on the same line, e.g. packing one batch in paper bags and the next in PE bags. Different types of bags may also be used, with or without gussets, block bottom, pinch bottom, etc.

Furthermore, this flexible technology offers the possibility of utilising various de-aeration systems of the product inside the bag, which include vacuuming the bag before closing, nitrogen injection, and other systems.

The wide range of bagging machines for open mouth bags starts with the semi-automatic line and ends up with the fully automatic version with capacity of up to 1,800 bags/hour.

Bag closing can be achieved by many various methods dependent on bag material, which include heat sealing, sewing (with or without tape) or even folded and glued with pre-glued bag tops.

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